Foxes Treatment
Foxes can be shot or trapped. Repellents sometimes work and can be worth trying as trapping & shooting is expensive. Foxes can attack pets, spread mange to pets, foul areas, leave rubbish & be a noise & smell nuisance.

We may require that prior to any shooting or trapping operation we may ask you to pre bait or check traps. The technician will discuss this on the consultation prior to treatment.

Initially we charge a survey fee is £50.00 + VAT (outside M25) and £60 + VAT (inside M25 & inside central Oxford). After the survey the best control method is chosen.

The price for one shoot is £170.00 + VAT (outside M25) and £204 + VAT (inside M25).

The repellents only work in low pressure situations & cost £65.00 + VAT (outside M25) and £78 + VAT (inside M25 & inside central Oxford).

Trapping is charged for the initial set-down & pickup which is £120.00 + VAT (outside M25) and £144 + VAT (inside M25 & inside central Oxford) & then £65.00 + VAT per extra visit.

Not all fox trapping/shooting programs are successful or guaranteed. Foxes are unpredictable & clever but our success rate is very high.

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